systray malfunctioning

Grant emailgrant at
Sat Mar 6 02:43:57 CET 2010

> My wife and I have identical Dell Vostro 1320 laptops and I've always
> tried to keep their configs the same.  The xfce4 systray on mine works
> perfectly, but my wife's has always malfunctioned and I've never been
> able to figure out why.  xfce4 panel plugins work perfectly, but other
> applications such as orage, blueman, wicd, and twinkle which should
> appear in the systray do not.  The systray icon for twinkle actually
> shows up in the center of the screen, but the icons for the rest do
> not show up at all.  I'm not sure where to start with this, does
> anyone have any ideas?
> - Grant

Any ideas on this?

- Grant

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