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I attach a sticker[0][1] and I can do a little more but I need inspiration.


If we were to start keeping artwork related stuff I think the best
place is git with wiki pages. Concerning the buttons from the website,
they all come from the Tango icons package AFAICT. Regarding the other
stuff (the old xfce-artwork tarball, licensing issues) I have not much
to say.


2010/2/28 Fabian Nowak <timystery at>:
> Hey all,
> for the Chemnitz Linux days, some Xfce users and developers are going to
> present Xfce to the visitors, among Enrico, Christoph, and me.
> We faced the problem of generating [5] / creating posters and of the
> corporate design (not in the strict business context, but rather in the
> context of colors, apperance and so on). As a result, we oriented on the
> Xfce home page. Unfortunately, most of the graphics used on the homepage
> are self-created and only available as non-scalable PNG graphics.
> Licensing issues will be discussed at the end of this e-mail.
> So during the creation of our poster [1], I recreated some of them, they
> are included in the scalable vector graphics for further usage [2], such
> as e.g. the download logo.
> Next, we wanted presentations. Due to the missing OpenOffice install on
> my laptop during traveling to a conference when I created the
> presentation, I took plain LaTeX Beamer for the presentation [3]. As I
> modified the style a lot, I came up with a custom Xfce Beamer class,
> which is not necessarily perfect and still subject to change (Frank is
> hoped to help out) [4].
> There has also been a minor effort in creating Xfce-related artwork
> packages [6]. However, as mentioned at several sites, the content is
> old, and furthermore badly named, badly saved (rectangle selection still
> on), and finally not complete.
> I hence suggest to create an artwork respository used for
> 1) Corporate Design stuff: logos, colour specifications as URLs to the
> Xfce wiki,
> 2) Artwork: Big Xfce logos, Website graphics
> 3) Templates
>  a) Presentations: Beamer template class, template main.tex,
> logo
>  b) Posters: SVG format for Inkscape, Xfig and others with
> a corporate design style such as the one suggested by me and derived
> from the website
> 4) Merchandising stuff: templates for buttons, stickers, t-shirts
> This will allow any designer still lots of freedom, but provide on the
> other hand all the materials already in use, and further enable the
> designer to make his content available to other designers as well. I
> also propose that this repository be used for any content created with
> relevance to Xfce so that people can more easily create new
> presentations and other stuff by deriving from others' work and also by
> working together on presentations and posters.
> Finally, there are licensing issues: In the Xfce artwork package, some
> files are under proprietary licenses as Christoph pointed out; though,
> these files are used in lots of logos, websites, and everywhere.
> I publish my materials under the Creative Commons License, Share Alike.
> Looking forward to your constructive comments or created repository,
> Fabian
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
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