Content of Second Screen Visible on all Virtual Desktops?

Jon proedie at
Mon Mar 1 12:48:32 CET 2010

Am Freitag 26 Februar 2010 17:55:56 schrieb Mike Massonnet:
> You can simply DND that window via the workspace plugin (the little
> rectangles can be moved from one workspace to another very quickly
> this way). You just need to move it 5 pixels away, how charming is
> this? :-)

Hello Mike

I am not quite sure what you mean by "DND" -- Drag 'n' Drop? However, I am 
aware of the fact I can move the windows using the workspace plug-in. But if I 
am working on two different work-spaces (that's a better word than desktop 
^_^) simultaneously I would like all windows on the second monitor to stick on 
all works-spaces.

> Makes me wonder, did you have a look at the "rules builders",
> gdevilspie?

As a matter of fact I did. That helps avoiding spelling mistakes in the key-
words, but it does not help me finding the right key-word/value pair to track 
down on what monitor any given window appears.

As I said:
> > Well, it does work without it, but it is just not quite perfect.

In fact, at the moment I can think of only three application where this is 
annoying: Galculator, Firefox, and Evince. Sometimes I use them on the first 
monitor, sometimes on the second. I only want them to be sticky on all 
workspaces when they are on the second monitor.

All other applications are either always on the first or on the second 
monitor. Of course I have to add each of them manually to the list of the 
always-sticky programmes. :/

This is annoying, but not annoying enough to spend further time into research. 

Best wishes


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