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Bob Goodwin bobgoodwin at
Sat Jun 26 00:11:15 CEST 2010

On 25/06/10 18:03, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:
> On 06/25/2010 05:39 PM, Bob Goodwin wrote:
>> I'm configuring XFCE on a new install and can't find how I managed
>> to create two rows of
>> workspace icons in Panel 1 at the bottom on another computer. What
>> am I missing?
> Hi, Bob.
> Are you talking about Workspace Switcher? If I right-click on 
> Workspace Switcher in my panel and choose properties I can choose the 
> number of rows used for displaying the workspaces on my panel. This is 
> on Xfce 4.6.2 running on Debian testing (Squeeze).
> Or are you talking about something else?
> Regards,
> Gil
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    Yes exactly, that was it! That was about the only thing I had not tried.

    I am setting up Fedora 13 on another box, this one has been my
    primary system and runs F-12. I want F-13 to look the same and the
    double row of workspaces in the panel uses space more efficiently.

    Thanks for the help.


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