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Juha kautto.juha at kolumbus.fi
Thu Jun 10 08:29:45 CEST 2010

09.06.2010 21:22, Arthur Machlas kirjoitti:
>> Quick question about creating appointments: When setting a birthday
>> the default action is to repeat forever. Does this use less resources
>> than setting it for say, 10 years? I'm talking in terms of file size
>> and responsiveness, because I've started to notice a bit of a delay
>> drawing the calendar window when unhiding the calendar for the first
>> time (starts hidden on fluxbox, and a keyboard shortcut toggles
>> view/hidden). The only change I can think of recently is that I've
>> added about 20 birthdays and anniversaries set to repeat forever.
> Still wondering about this, and it's likely the only valid
> question/comment of the bunch.
Limiting the repeat length does not cause extra or less resource usage.
Same code path is used. Also file size does not change.
But each new appointment and specially alarm takes a bit more cpu time.
This seems to be minimal though, so 20 should not cause visible slowdown.

Old events take some resources though, which is why there is the archive 
But this is also very minimal and should only be visible after you have 
hundred alarms.
I have tested using hourly alarms and I do not see slowness even with those.
>> I was also going to file a bug report against the current Debian
>> package, as it claims xfce-panel is a dependency, but really it should
>> be a recommends, since it *appears* to run just fine without the panel
>> running. Panel is installed, just not running. It's kind of important
>> on fluxbox, as the panel pulls in hal, which wasn't installed before
>> installing orage.
> Not too sure about this anymore. Once I manage to successfully build
> and install without the panel dependencies maybe I'll look into a bug
> report about it.
Yes, it runs fine without panel. It is only build time dependency.
(If you hide the main calendar, it may be difficult to get it visible
without the panel though, but you seem to have keybord shortcut,
which eliminates this problem.)

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