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Arthur Machlas arthur.machlas at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 20:22:17 CEST 2010

> Greetings, hopefully the DM for orage watches this mailing list, as I
> noticed that orage v.4.7 isn't even in unstable yet, and it'll take
> about a week or two to get into Squeeze after that. Anyone have any
> idea of when xfce 4.7, and specifically orage 4.7 will find its way
> into debian?

Blurg. Nevermind. I was reading a developers blog I guess, didn't
realize that 4.7 is still considered a development release, not a
stable. Thus, shall never be in Debian.

> I'm using 4.6.2 and was going to file a bug (wishlist severity)
> against orage asking for the ability to set default days to view in
> advance for the daily/weekly views, so I'm very excited to get my
> hands on 4.7 which according to the documentation already has these
> features! In addition, the ability to omit dates - woot!

I'm still excited about this though, and I'll have to build from
source. Are there Debianized instructions, ideally using checkinstall,
which builds debs and allows me to add information that aptitude can
use to keep my packages sane.

> Quick question about creating appointments: When setting a birthday
> the default action is to repeat forever. Does this use less resources
> than setting it for say, 10 years? I'm talking in terms of file size
> and responsiveness, because I've started to notice a bit of a delay
> drawing the calendar window when unhiding the calendar for the first
> time (starts hidden on fluxbox, and a keyboard shortcut toggles
> view/hidden). The only change I can think of recently is that I've
> added about 20 birthdays and anniversaries set to repeat forever.

Still wondering about this, and it's likely the only valid
question/comment of the bunch.

> I was also going to file a bug report against the current Debian
> package, as it claims xfce-panel is a dependency, but really it should
> be a recommends, since it *appears* to run just fine without the panel
> running. Panel is installed, just not running. It's kind of important
> on fluxbox, as the panel pulls in hal, which wasn't installed before
> installing orage.

Not too sure about this anymore. Once I manage to successfully build
and install without the panel dependencies maybe I'll look into a bug
report about it.

> Thanks for reading this rambling misc. email.
Sorry for causing you to read the innacurate rambling email.


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