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Fri Feb 26 23:16:00 CET 2010



I'm using Linux after having used it for several years ago, and I am so
happy, I like it so much, however, the pc's in my work have very poor
resources, so I decided to install them Xubuntu (to remove windows,
obviously), I've downloaded 9.10 version and I see that is just what I need,
but I have a problem, these machines will be in a kind of public kiosk and
they cannot be fully exposed. I have implemented some things to protect
them, but there is something that I've not solve, I could not find how to
edit Xfce menus, in Ubuntu using Gnome just right click over de menu panel
is necessary for edit it, and we can put in or take whatever we want it to
appear, but in Xfce I can not find anything like that. 


Besides this, I need MS-OFFICE in these machines (I know I know, but
Openoffice is not accepted by most people), however, I installed Crossover
6.0.2  and after that MS-Office 2003, without close the crossover window,
and I noticed the crossover an office menus not appear even though they are
installed correctly. Could someone guide me on how to edit menus for showing
only the necessary applications and how can I get the crossover and office



Thanks in advance


Luis Alfonso Vilchis Romero



P.D. Excuse my bad English


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