Content of Second Screen Visible on all Virtual Desktops?

Mike Massonnet mmassonnet at
Fri Feb 26 17:55:56 CET 2010

I'm not Olivier, but hi

2010/2/26 Jon <proedie at>
> Hi Olivier
> > You may  use some third party tools like devilspie which will set the
> > sticky bit for you.
> Thank you very much, that looks quite promising! It works fine for programmes
> that are always on the second screen (like Carrier) as I can identify them by
> their name.
> That is really good already, however, I would like to identify the windows by
> their position. For example, when I am browsing the web I like Firefox on
> screen one, when I am working on screen one and refer to a manual or the like
> in Firefox, it should be on Screen two. So, Firefox may sometimes be on all
> desktops and sometimes only on one. You don't know how I can archive that, do
> you?

You can simply DND that window via the workspace plugin (the little
rectangles can be moved from one workspace to another very quickly
this way). You just need to move it 5 pixels away, how charming is
this? :-)

> I could not find a hint at the developer's page or at [1] or [2] (which is
> called by [1] as "the fullest manual on Devil's pie I've found" ^_^).

Makes me wonder, did you have a look at the "rules builders",

> Well, it does work without it, but it is just not quite perfect.
> Thanks again
> Jon


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