Content of Second Screen Visible on all Virtual Desktops?

Jon proedie at
Fri Feb 26 15:10:53 CET 2010

Hi Olivier

> You may  use some third party tools like devilspie which will set the
> sticky bit for you.

Thank you very much, that looks quite promising! It works fine for programmes 
that are always on the second screen (like Carrier) as I can identify them by 
their name.

That is really good already, however, I would like to identify the windows by 
their position. For example, when I am browsing the web I like Firefox on 
screen one, when I am working on screen one and refer to a manual or the like 
in Firefox, it should be on Screen two. So, Firefox may sometimes be on all 
desktops and sometimes only on one. You don't know how I can archive that, do 

I could not find a hint at the developer's page or at [1] or [2] (which is 
called by [1] as "the fullest manual on Devil's pie I've found" ^_^).

Well, it does work without it, but it is just not quite perfect.

Thanks again



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