speed issues in 4.6.1?

Markus Hoenicka markus.hoenicka at mhoenicka.de
Tue Feb 23 23:55:17 CET 2010

Quoting Olivier Fourdan <fourdan at gmail.com>:

> Either the setting was invalid or the pointer moved between the two
> clicks, but there's no way the double click detection can take a
> quarter of a second (and btw that code is identical and hasn't changed
> for some time now).

It can't be due to an invalid setting as I can reproduce the problem  
any time. If I move the double-click time back to 250ms right now and  
increase the double-click distance to its maximum setting, just to  
remove any chance that I move the mouse too far, double-clicking stops  
working again. Increase it to 300ms, double-clicking works like a  
charm again.

However, if the code hasn't changed, it can't be Xfce's fault. I'll  
have to ask the BSD folks for further insight.

thanks for your help, and thanks for providing Xfce which has served  
my needs since I first installed it years ago.


Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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