File Manager Question

Snood snood at
Sat Feb 20 15:52:36 CET 2010

Robin wrote:
> I am looking a good file manager with a progress bar.  All of my media
> is stored on a server and I copy it off onto my media center as
> required, and I would like to see the progress of said actions.
> Thunar seems to lack this basic functionality.  I was wondering if
> there is a way to replace Thunar with such a file manager?

I'm wondering which version of Xfce and which version of Thunar you are 
using (and on what distribution). I'm kind of new to Xfce, but I think 
I've always had a progress bar when copying or moving files from one 
location to another. It pops up in a separate little window.

In addition to the version numbers and distro information, maybe it 
would help if you tell us exactly what process you're going through to 
copy or move these files. You know, how the remote file system is 
mounted on your system, whether you are using one or two Thunar windows, 
etc. I don't know if any of that matters, but I guess it might.

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