ANNOUNCE: xfconf 4.7.2 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Wed Feb 10 14:11:30 CET 2010

xfconf 4.7.2 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: b69fa81bca597b1a949e7bbdf8c2135c128b5652
   MD5 checksum: e6b01fc7745f66a14412bd79a2c35c44

What is xfconf?

Xfconf is a flexible, easy-to-use configuration management system.


Release notes for 4.7.2

This is a development release leading up to xfconf 4.8.0.

Gabor Kelemen (2):
     l10n: Updated Hungarian (hu) translation to 100%
     l10n: Updated Hungarian (hu) translation to 100%

Nick Schermer (19):
     Post release tag bump.
     Optimize _xfconf_gtype_from_string().
     Use g_strsplit instead of g_strsplit_set.
     Use glibs implementation for loading mapped files.
     Plug small memory leak in xml parser.
     Use g_clear_error where possible.
     Use async DBus messages in xfconfd.
     Plug a memory leak.
     Fix handling of dirty channels and use hash table.
     Destroy hash table after prefetching the cache.
     Free backends hash table on exit.
     Don't use cache singletons.
     Disable the max-age and max-entries cache props.
     Mark the signal name as a static string.
     Don't look for a singleton after creating the hash table.
     Steal values from the hash table on prefetch.
     Don't look for existing keys during prefetch.
     The last used timestamp is not used yet, disable it.
     Updates for release.

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