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Sun Feb 7 19:19:22 CET 2010

On Sun, 7 Feb 2010 12:57:37 -0500
Tom Weeds <rebel.mailinglists at> wrote:

> Does anyone have suggestions on how I might improve my programming
> abilities. Many, many, moons ago I completed several courses in C
> language programing. A painful experience ... memory management was not
> a DOS forte :) I've written a few simple shells scripts recently.
> Suggestions for books, or on-line tutorials would be much appreciated.

If you're interested in 'programming', i.e. problem solving, get a book
on that subject. Few books on languages will teach you how to solve
problems, just how to use the language itself. Avoid those 'xxx in 24
hours', 'the complete...'...

An excellent book, which I bought a looong time ago, is 'Programming and
problem solving using Pascal' (there is a C version too, I believe). The
authors are Michael Schneider, Steven Weingart, and David Perlman. It
emphasizes converting a problem into an algorithm. The language is


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