xfce wallpaper changer

Roger Durañona Vargas luo_hei at yahoo.es
Tue Feb 2 17:14:02 CET 2010

There is some better way to do this using the new configuration features
in Xfce 2.6?

houghi escribió:
> I then found `export DISPLAY=:0.1 && xfdesktop --reload` which worked. I
> soon noticed that some desktops returned. Wether this is due to the
> possability of the randomness or due to an error in randomness, I do not
> know.
> So what I did was use the Desktop setting of XFCE to give each screen a
> different file with just one image in it.
> This means that each time I run `export DISPLAY=:0.1 && xfdesktop
> --reload` I will have that specific file as wallpaper on that specific
> screen.
> All I now needed to do was make a huge file with all files in it and take
> a random one out, place it in file1 and the same for file2 and the reload
> xfdesktop. One that huge file does not have any files in it anymore, it
> will refill.
> The script I use (and can be easily improved) can be found here:
> http://houghi.org/script/00_personal_scripts/background
> houghi

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