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houghi houghi at houghi.org
Tue Feb 2 21:10:45 CET 2010

This is not a problem or a question. It is rather an explanation of what I
did and perhaps an inspiration to others (in whatever way it will be

In the past I ran Windowmaker and use wmsetbg to do my backgrounds changes
for me. To me it was logical that a seperate program does this.

The main reason that I turned to XFCE was that I have two screens that I
do NOT want in xinerame, but rather as traditional dual screens. That way
I can change desktops on each seperately. 

For dualscreen I need the NVidea drivers.

GNOME and KDE were unable to deliver and now also windowmaker became
problematic. Luckily XFCE is able to do what it needs to do.

I also have several thousands wallpapers that I want to see. I also would
like to see all in random, before they start to show them all again in
random order.

I did a `killall xfdesktop` as `xfdesktop --reload` did not work in
crontab. However in about 20% it did not restart xfdesltop, meaning after
about 5 minutes I did not have xfdesktop running as I change every

I then found `export DISPLAY=:0.1 && xfdesktop --reload` which worked. I
soon noticed that some desktops returned. Wether this is due to the
possability of the randomness or due to an error in randomness, I do not

So what I did was use the Desktop setting of XFCE to give each screen a
different file with just one image in it.

This means that each time I run `export DISPLAY=:0.1 && xfdesktop
--reload` I will have that specific file as wallpaper on that specific

All I now needed to do was make a huge file with all files in it and take
a random one out, place it in file1 and the same for file2 and the reload
xfdesktop. One that huge file does not have any files in it anymore, it
will refill.

The script I use (and can be easily improved) can be found here:

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