window location question

David dgboles at
Sat Dec 4 18:30:12 CET 2010

On 12/4/2010 8:28 AM, houghi wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 03, 2010 at 09:23:51PM -0500, David wrote:
>> A two part question actually.
>> Using XFCE in Fedora 14.
>> First question: How do I determine the X,Y location of a window opened
>> on the Desktop? A terminal. Thundr. Etc.
> xwininfo
> Just run it in a terminal and click on the program that you want to have
> the information for.
>> Second question: Knowing those quadrants how do I set a default location
>> other than the upper left corner?
> Many programs can be handled at the command prompt. e.g. Terminal can be
> run with something like:
> terminal --geometry=98x45+50+7 
> Many other programs also accept the --geometry option.
> What I have done is the following (could be that steps are not needed)
> 1) For the terminals figure out each and every placement. I also use
> --hide-menubar --hide-borders and a different title. That means I have
> something like:
> #!/bin/bash
> #Launch the different terminals
> terminal --geometry=98x45+50+7 --hide-menubar --hide-borders -T Terminal.below &
> terminal --geometry=98x33+50+695 --hide-menubar --hide-borders -T Terminal.below &
> terminal --geometry=130x79-7+7 --hide-menubar --hide-borders -T Terminal.below &
> A differnt one for different desktops.
> Then also open a size programs as I would like them. e,g, Firefox,
> gqvieuw, akregator, ...
> Then when all is in place, I log out while saving the session for future
> logins. Then I login and again log out, but now without saving for future
> logins.
> Now each time I login, I have the layout I want.
> This works for almost all programs. Just Vuze does not want to play along
> and I have to launch that seperately. (anybody know why?)
> I also use Devilspie to have a bit more control. e.g. the three terminals
> must be below, but a new terminal must not.
> I did not use xwininfo to achieve all this. e.g. for the termials, I just
> tried it out. See if it looked right and changed settings where needed.

Thank you.


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