XFCE on Qt4

Auke Kok auke at foo-projects.org
Thu Aug 19 05:41:05 CEST 2010

On 08/18/10 03:17, Mike Massonnet wrote:
> 2010/8/18 Николай<robotex.ag at mail.ru>:
>> Hello.
>> Is there a fork of XFCE, written in Qt4? Are somebody developing it?
> People behind Xfce are strong users of the GTK+/GLib stack. We like
> using the GType system and writing GObjects, and we like doing it in
> C. Writting Qt4 means having strong knowledge of C++ which less people
> do have, in fact the C language is a lot easier to learn. Most people
> started an application or a plugin for Xfce without using the
> object-oriented aspect of GLib but just C functions.
> Of course I doubt that someone will fork the Xfce desktop. There is
> too much GLib involved and ripping it off doesn't make sense except
> being a sadomaso who likes to feel the pain of rewriting applications
> from one language to another :)

it doesn't make much sense.

besides that, if you're interested in developing light-weight desktop 
components, in Qt, there's really nothing out there except (cough, 
advertisement) MeeGo.

that doesn't mean Xfce will disappear, on the contrary, Xfce is the only 
mainstream desktop officially in MeeGo as alternative to the MeeGo 
desktop :)

so, you might want to look at MeeGo if you're interested in doing Qt 

> Although, someone did fork the notes plugin to Qt:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/znotes/

haha, awesome, I didn't know that


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