blueman wants nautilus

kenneth marken kemarken at
Fri Aug 6 15:24:45 CEST 2010

On 06. aug. 2010 10:15, Jax wrote:
> Wow u so smart there at aussie why do u use bluetooth instead of wifi.
> Just by a wifi phoen
bluetooth have the benefit of having a file transfer system built into 
the spec. in comparison, doing file transfer over wifi would require 
finding some protocol that one could layer on top of wifi (and most 
likely tcp/ip) that the phone could handle (if any at all).

sure, there are insane phones like the iphone, or where a carrier have 
been messing with the firmware (US carrier have a bad habit there), that 
do not support the file transfer parts of bluetooth. But those are the 
exception rather then the norm.

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