blueman wants nautilus

Julian Hughes julianhughes at
Fri Aug 6 12:22:25 CEST 2010

You can use Blueman with Thunar (or any file manager) via obexfs

In short: install fuse, obexfs.  Be a member of the fuse group. 
Change Blueman applet>Local Services>Transfer>Advanced and replace the
command in the dialogue box with a link to helper script (in your path
and executable) "blueman-browse-helper %d"


channel=`sdptool search --bdaddr "$1" FTP | awk '/Channel:/ {print $2}'`

if [ -e "$mp" ]; then
        echo "`date`: cleaning up mount point
'$mp'"                             >> $log fusermount -u -z
"$mp"                                                  &>> $log rmdir
"$mp"                                                             &>>
$log else echo "`date`: opening FTP channel '$channel' for mount point
'$mp'"      >> $log mkdir
"$mp"                                                             &>>
$log obexfs -b "$1" -B $channel
"$mp"                                        &>> $log dolphin
"$mp"                                                           &>>
$log fi

echo "`date`: `basename $0` finished for mount point
'$mp'"                      >> $log

Now when you choose to browse your bluetooth device its share
will be mounted in a new directory in ~/ and you can browse with
whichever file manager you prefer.  Choose browse again to unmount.

Probably this mail doesn't format the script content nicely.  Follow
the link to Blueman forums for original (I made one change in line 4 so
that the bluetooth share is not mounted on a hidden directory).

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