orage first weekday

Andrew andrew at alangdondavies.es
Thu Sep 17 08:17:32 CEST 2009

Juha wrote:
> 19971201 is Monday
> 2-1 = 1
> so starting from Monday and stepping one step forward brings us to
> Tuesday as week starting day.
> This is wrong, so please inform your distro packager to fix it.
> Juha
I think the problem must be somewhere in my setup, as I have the same 
distro (Slackware 13) installed on another machine with no problems. I 
probably bungled the Slackware upgrade or the migration from Gnome. For 
example, I see on this machine /etc/profile isn't being read. Also on 
this machine, oragerc has:
XIcal week start day=1
while the good one has this set to 6.
Where does orage get these settings from?
Thanks again,

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