Menu issues

Brian J. Tarricone brian at
Fri Sep 11 01:11:41 CEST 2009

On 09/10/2009 03:58 PM, Drew Leske wrote:

> There is always somebody who pastes the first thing Google returns.

And there's also often someone who has seen the same question over and
over again asked by someone who hasn't read the appropriate
documentation (or who has read it, but somehow thinks we're mind readers
and will magically know that he/she's read it).  In this case,
Yves-Alexis is that person.

> I have read through that page, and I am not the first to note that it is significantly more work to create a custom menu than it was previously.

Jannis already explained that bit to you.  In short: sometimes you have
to regress a little to move forward in the long run.  If you don't like
that, step up and write some code, or sponsor someone (with money) to do
it for you.


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