unable to chang background color programatically under xfce4

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On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 2:11 AM, Dr. Christoph Gille <
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> Currently I am using wmaker but I consider to change to xfce because I
> find it more powerful than gnome and kde. I have debian 5.0.
> The only problem that I have is, that I would like to be able to
> change background color programatically.
> My scripts are signalling success and failure by changing background
> color. The advantage is that even when I am on a different virtual
> desktop I can still notice when the script terminates successfully or
> fails. I found this better than acoustic signals.
> The scripts contain a command like  xsetroot -solid green.
> However, when xfdesktop is running, xsetroot fails to change
> background color.  It seems as xfdesktop is painting the desktop and
> prevents other programs like xsetroot and xbanner from  writing to the
> desktop.
> Does someone know a solution?
> Many thanks!

If you're using Xfce 4.6 you can probably use xfconf-query to change
xfdesktop's background colour setting.

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