4.6: new windows now start on bottom

g gmeyer1de at yahoo.de
Wed Jun 17 23:08:41 CEST 2009


sorry, i forgot i made a change to devilspie.

diff src/actions.c ../devilspie-0.22_selbs/src/actions.c
<                         TRUE,
<                         my_wnck_atom_get ("_NET_WM_STATE_BELOW"),
 >                         FALSE,
 >                         my_wnck_atom_get ("_NET_WM_STATE_ABOVE"),

It replaces the below-action with an unabove-action.
This solves the panel problem. The other one i don't know about, because 
i don't use sensitive edges.
my .devilspie/all.ds is:
   (not is (window_name) "rootterm")
   (not is (window_class) "Xfdesktop")


 > Can you provide a hint on how to do that?  I've set up
 > devilspie to raise new windows (as long as they're not the
 > desktop window), but now the panels are broken:
 >  * When I put a window at the edge of the desktop, the edge is
 >    no longer sensitive.
 >  * When a panel un-hides, it's below other windows, and often
 >    can't be seen.

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