Alt-Tab and minimized windows

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Aliaksandr Stelmachonak <mail.avatar at> wrote:

> Hi all!
> I am using Xfce as a desktop on my eee pc 900. Using devilspie I
> configured all windows for maximization and removing windows
> decorations on creating. So, I am using Alt-Tab functionality very
> actively and one feature (or bug) prevents me from using it
> satisfactorily in all cases.
> Looks like Alt-Tab in Xfce (I am using 4.6.1 on ArchLinux) doesn't
> pick up and show in list minimized windows. This is really not
> suitable, in case your are frequently using minimize all (like me) or
> used to minimize windows instead of switching them using task list.
> Is this behavior customizable? Is is Alt-Tab switcher feature on bug?

Open the window manager tweak settings and enable "include hidden
(i.e. iconified) windows" in the first tab ("Cycling"). That should

  - Jannis
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