4.6: new windows now start on bottom

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Thu Jul 9 21:47:39 CEST 2009

On Thu, Jul 09, 2009 at 02:10:07PM -0500, Mike McNally wrote:
> > Wouldn't this set of conditions work?
> >
> > 1.  New windows in focus-follows-mouse aren't raised all the way, but are
> > placed in the stacking order directly underneath the focused window.
> Well, for my purposes, no that wouldn't work.  When I run a command
> from a terminal, and I know that command launches a new window, I
> definitely want to see the window. I do a lot of work on a netbook
> (small screen), and even on bigger screens I tend to have crowded
> workspaces (example: terminal window with tail -f on a log file from a
> web application; browser window testing site; terminal for commands
> and builds etc).
> This is my preference out of many years of habit. I don't insist
> anybody cater to my personal needs, of course, but I don't think it's
> really that weird.
> I've written lots of throwaway GUI applications that show something in
> a window but take all their input from a console.  For such a case,
> again, I definitely want my console (xterm) command to launch that
> window such that I can see it, but I also want to keep typing in my
> xterm.  Another thing: I  don't necessarily raise my xterms when I
> type in them - I may want to type a command in a window but keep
> another window in front, because what I'm typing may affect it.
That sounds very much what I want from a Window Manager/GUI.  I very
often type into a terminal window which is underneath another window
where I am seeing what results from the typing.  If the cursor is on
the terminal window I want it to keep focus but I also want another
window to be able to overlay parts of that terminal window.

Chris Green

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