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Brian J. Tarricone brian at
Thu Jul 9 20:53:25 CEST 2009

On 2009/07/09 06:19, Ernesto Acosta Valdés wrote:
> Hi:
> I recently posted in the forum of an article[1]  showing an Xfce Mockup
> for Xfce 4.8, and I want to say something.

Most (all?) of the active developers don't read the forum.

> It would be nice if the developers of Xfce made available to a website
> where users can do a brainstorming.

We have such a site:  Really, though, that's a 
"pull" method of getting information to people.  You need to create the 
content, and then somehow let people know it's there.  If you really 
want to get involved in development discussion, the xfce4-dev mailing 
list is the right place to be.

> So in this way, we could decide
> between all the things that could include new versions of Xfce.

While input is certainly valued from the user community, I think you're 
using "decide" a bit strongly here.

> Xfce 4.6 has been a radical change in the accessibility and user
> interaction, but it can improve visual detail to include, for example
> panels with rounded edges.

Something like that is best filed as a feature request against the panel 
in bugzilla.  If you want to talk about something related to more than 
one Xfce component, then the xfce4-dev list is the best place.

> Sorry for my bad English.

It's very good!  When my Spanish is as good as your English, then I'll 
be happy ^_~.

> [1]

That's cool looking, but most of that can be done just by writing a new 
gtk theme (or finding a similar one out there somewhere and modifying 
it).  You don't need us for that!  The different menu layout is a little 
more problematic.  It looks good in the mockup, but there are other 
considerations, like what you do when you have a lot of items in the 


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