4.6: new windows now start on bottom

Mike McNally emmecinque at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 20:12:50 CEST 2009

> No matter that you'been using window managers for 20 years, tell me a
> single reason why covering the focused window with an unfocused one is
> a desirable behaviour.

Well this isn't really my argument, but (heightened emotions aside)
I'm somewhat sensitive to this as well.  I always use "focus follows
pointer" behavior, and I do a lot of typing in xterms.

Here's a concrete example: I want to open up my X server so that I can
run from a remote machine (via SSH and port forwarding) some X
application. To see if things are working, from a local terminal
window I ssh to the remote machine, set DISPLAY, and run "xlogo."
Now, as soon as I see that xlogo window, I know it works, and I want
to hit ^C in my terminal window.

If I give new windows focus, well now I see my "xlogo" but I have to
re-focus in my xterm window in order to get rid of it. (Well I guess I
could mouse to it and click it's titlebar "X" but that'd be even
harder).  If I don't give new windows focus, then I don't see my xlogo
at all unless I go hunting for it.

For those who use focus follows pointer, semantics of window focus and
occlusion really are different I think than for people who like
click-to-focus (and, shudder, auto-raise :-)

Hopefully that did not sound like a rant, because I'm very calm and
happy at the moment.

Turtle, turtle, on the ground,
Pink and shiny, turn around.

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