Pessulus like for XFCE

Mihamina Rakotomandimby (R12y) mihamina at
Sat Feb 21 06:42:42 CET 2009

[I alredy posted it on ubuntu ML but...]

Here in 3rd world countries, internet is still luxury.
I would like to setup a cybercafe (or cybercoffee?) which is a place
with several computers and people can surf and pay the time they use the
I would like then have the ability to count how much time (minute
precision) an account has been logged in.
Most of the cybercafe I have seen is pre paid, so the real need is a
countdown and then a forced logout when expired.

What kind of xfce integrated solution can be used?

Pesssulus has been suggested, but it's GNOME only.
What else?

Thank you!

Dont worry, it wont be expensive for the users  ;-)  it will just be a
symbolic amount.

Chef de projet chez Vectoris
System: xUbuntu 8.10 with almost all from package install

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