More flexible new window focus setting would be nice

g gmeyer1de at
Fri Feb 20 14:27:13 CET 2009


I'm the qqqq.... from the bug report.

> But (I'm using focus follow mouse) I run a keybinding to get a new
> terminal, without moving the mouse, I expect the newly created window to
> get the focus.

I run a keybinding to open a terminal in which my current latex document
is compiled. If everythings ok, the window closes afterwards automatically.
There is no reason why this window should gain focus, however it has to
be risen (like 99 % of all other new windows), so that i can easily
monitor it if necessary. That's just an example, that focussing and
raising doesn't necessarily come together.
Focus stealing prevention doesn't work in all cases, since some programs
seem to misbehave (?). Not automatically giving is the most effective
focus stealing prevention which works in any case.

I would suggest to split the "automatically focus new windows" option:

[ ] automatically raise new windows
     [ ] automatically focus new windows

That would make everybody happy and doesn't clutter the settings-manager

>> Those focus tweak settings need some mouse hover tip
>> or other describing text in my opinion.
> Patch welcome. Even better, there is some documentation effort that is
> being discussed, contributing to the documentation would be definitely
> helpful, we suck at that, big time ;)

The settings-manager needs some sorting, related options are scattered
over several subdialogs. Some option names, e.g. "Honor standard ICCCM
focus hint", need a more descriptive name. Can that be done after
compiling or is it necessary to edit the source code?



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