xfdesktop2 or xfdesktop-acer source

Grant Williamson traxtopel at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 20:45:44 CET 2009

Hi All,
with the rise in netbook use, XFCE is starting to look more like the 
preferred desktop environment for netbooks.
There are many people jumping on the band wagon, creating custom distros 
for Netbooks, i.e. Limpus Lite, CrunchEEE, Moblin, Ubuntu remix and manu 
more. I personally think Linpus have done a great job with Linpus Lite 
and their Acer image. Unfortunately this company does not appear to be 
easy to reach and their lack of releasing full source code probably 
violates GPL.

One of Limpus hacks is against xfdesktop so that it will display a 
themed tabbed icon environment on the screen.
Like this :-
(they do not post the source code just the binary)

I am wondering if anyone on this list have an alternative method so I 
can customize xfce on fedora 10 to achieve the same result.

Thank in advance.

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