ANNOUNCE: libxfce4ui 4.7.1 released

Nick Schermer nick at
Sun Dec 20 12:26:02 CET 2009

libxfce4ui 4.7.1 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: 91a7430eba4387766d72aaaf131ac7dc32b8f3b2
   MD5 checksum: 710474ff3dfd9da223acf05af03e87a3

What is libxfce4ui?

Libxfce4ui is used to share commonly used Xfce widgets among the Xfce


Release notes for 4.7.1

This is a development release leading up to libxfce4ui 4.8.0. The new
API additions are not yet finalized, so there may be incompatibilities
between this release and the final 4.8.0 release.

Abel Martín (1):
     l10n: Updates to Spanish (Castilian) (es) translation

Bauzhan Muftakhidinov (1):
     l10n: Updates to Kazakh (kk) translation

Carles Muñoz Gorriz (1):
     l10n: Updates to Catalan (Valencian) (ca) translation

Daniel Nylander (1):
     l10n: Updates to Swedish (sv) translation

Leandro Regueiro (1):
     l10n: Updates to Galician (gl) translation

Masato Hashimoto (1):
     l10n: Updates to Japanese (ja) translation

Michal Várady (1):
     l10n: Updates to Czech (cs) translation

Nick Schermer (12):
     Post-release tag update.
     Move the visibility-alias stuff back in.
     Move the ABI check outside maintainer-mode.
     Don't generate enums for XfceSMClientPriority.
     Add new function xfce_spawn_on_screen_with_child_watch().
     Rename to
     Build ChangeLog during dist-check.
     Remove 2 functions that are no declared in the code.
     Drop ChangeLog from po directory.
     Rebuild po files.
     Fix invalid translated string spotted by Og Machiel.
     Updates for release.

Og Maciel (1):
     l10n: Updates to Portuguese (Brazilian) (pt_BR) translation

Piarres Beobide (1):
     l10n: Updates to Basque (eu) translation

Rihards Prieditis (1):
     l10n: Updates to Latvian (lv) translation

Robert Hartl (1):
     l10n: Updates to Slovak (sk) translation

Sergio Marques (1):
     l10n: Updates to Portuguese (pt) translation

Xu Meihong (1):
     l10n: Updates to Chinese (China) (zh_CN) translation

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