ANNOUNCE: xfce4-notes-plugin 1.7.2 released

Mike Massonnet mike.massonnet at
Sat Dec 19 13:51:56 CET 2009

xfce4-notes-plugin 1.7.2 is now available for download from

  SHA1 checksum: ac8703b9c63ba38158eb298d77e7d7a1c99c6a80
   MD5 checksum: 054742ecc4bb83de6c1447b023938d3e

What is xfce4-notes-plugin?

Xfce4 Notes Plugin provides a quick way to paste text, to write down a
list of things, to leave a note to a friend, or whatever is common to do
with Post-It’s.


Release notes for 1.7.2

- Unique support has been introduced as a hard-dependency (because you
  just can't provide soft-dependencies when building from Vala sources)
- The plugin is provided both as a panel plugin and as a standalone app
  that sits in the notification area (a menu item is available under
- A context menu to go to a specific notes-group appears in the context
  menu (right click the panel plugin or the systray icon)
- Navigation bar can be set on/off in the settings dialog
- The tabs can be positioned instead of only on/off
- The top-right/left corners are no more resizable
- A cursor handle to resize on the right/left is displayed
- Some minor esthetic changes
- Small bug fixes
- Updated translations: Catalan, Latvian, Turkish, English (United
  Kingdom), Japanese, Indonesian, Greek, Dutch, Kazakh, Danish,
  Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, Galician, Slovak, Chinese
  (Simplified), Russian, Basque

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