XFwm4 shade + notification area

Stefan Stuhr xfceuserslist at sstuhr.dk
Sat Dec 19 18:41:44 CET 2009

On 19-12-2009 17:32, J. Anthony Limon wrote:
> Well the panel plugin is called the notification area. Apps such as
> Pidgin, Rhythmbox, etc use it to be minimized to an icon sometimes.
> Typically to minimize applications to the notification area you can just
> click the icon (as with Pidgin).

The window manager does not control the icons in the notification area; 
the applications do. Pidgin controls what happens when one clicks on the 
pidgin icon, Rhythmbox when one clicks on the Rhythmbox icon, etc.

> But if you shade the window first and then try to minimize to the
> notification area, nothing happens.

Looking at the Rhythmbox source code, it appears that when one clicks 
the notification icon, it decides whether to show or hide the window by 
checking the window state flags like so:

> - J


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