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Thu Dec 10 21:41:19 CET 2009

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Paul Smith <phhs80 at> replied:

> Dear All,
> I would like to hear your opinion about the following feature request.
> Computer screens are becoming larger and larger. This fact opens up
> new possibilities concerning the way one uses computers. For example,
> one can be writing a document while looking at several relevant and
> connected documents to the material one is writing. However, XFCE (and
> no other competitor, I guess) has the possibility of grouping
> different windows to give to user the chance of putting all groped
> open windows to the forefront at once when necessary; one has bring to
> the forefront each window one at time. To have the option of grouping
> open windows in the described sense would be very useful, in my
> opinion. And you, do you agree with this enhancement?

There was a proposal to institute something like that in 2001 for MS
Windows. There was even an add-on, I think it was called DASHBOARD that
did something like that. Windows presently will group similar tasks
together; however, I am not sure if it will open them all at one
thought. Perhaps if they were arranged cascaded or some such thing it
might work. I never tried it.

Have you considered using two monitors? I know several Window users who
employ that method, although usually for spreadsheet use.

Personally, one main window and possibly a smaller companion window is
all I usually require.

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