Minimise windows?

Jonathan Hepburn jonathan.hepburn at
Mon Apr 27 02:02:26 CEST 2009


Debian has recently been sifting through updates from 4.4 to 4.6, and
this has generally been A Good Thing.

However, I have also recently dropped back from Compiz to xfwm4 4.6,
after deciding that the extra shiny of Compiz just wasn't enough of an
improvement over xfwm4 with compositing enabled to justify having
extra software installed, or putting up with the slight lack of
compatibility that remained between Compiz and XFCE.

In the process, I lost the ability to minimise individual windows
through <alt>-m, one of my most frequently used shortcuts.

I notice that there is a Display Desktop a-la M$ Windows -
<CTRL>-<ALT>-d - but this is not what I'm after.

Digging into the settings, I notice that there isn't actually an
option listed for minimise the current window, and although I'm happy
to customise any configuration through a file or a GUI, I don't know
what the option needs to be called.

So, please, how do I get this behaviour back?


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