ANN: xftasklets 0.1 alpha release, call for tasklet contributions

David Mohr squisher at
Wed Apr 8 20:50:35 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,
I'm please to announce an alpha release of xftasklets, version 0.1.
Xftasklets is a framework for easily writing, and running shell
scripts from the GUI, with a simple interface which allows the user to
adjust variables of the scripts with ease.

The GUI is not very polished yet, and not all of the API is
implemented, but it is at a usable state, and I want to collect
feedback! Also I need more tasklet scripts. Obviously the framework is
only useful with tasklets written for it, so if you want to share some
useful shell script with the world, please think about adapting it and
sending the result to me.

Xftasklets consists of two packages: core, which contains the library
and the GUI, and a scripts package, which contains the tasklets. This
split is done so that the two can have separate release cycles.

The tasklet scripts are setup in a way which allows them to run
without installation, but obviously a point of reference is needed, so
the core package needs to be installed properly (in particular
$(prefix)/bin needs to be in Thunar's path) - which is why I have
included some debian packaging scripts. I hope that will make testing
easier for some folks.

After installation, you should find an xftasklets menu entry under
Accessories, which opens up Thunar showing the installed tasklets. Now
just drag and drop files onto them, or drag and drop the tasklet to a
panel launcher for easier access.

I've included two tasklets, and two example ones which should make it
easy for anyone to get started writing tasklets. If you have any
questions, feel free to ask me.


Feedback is very welcome! Now is your chance to convince me I did
something stupid here or there and for it to get fixed, before it's
released more broadly :-)


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