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> Well, there is also eXtended WordNet 2.0 [2] for WordNet 2.0. I did
> not (yet) install it, so couldn't judge on the improvements over
> wn-2.0, or 3.0. Direct support for wn (or xwn) would be rather cool,
> but dict-wn-2.0 should probably suffice for most uses (provided that

Debian has a dict-wn package including WN 3.0, see
I guess downloading the package, extracting the contents and copying
the dictionary file with the index file into /usr/share/dictd should do
the trick.

Regarding the proxy problem:

I had a short look into this and it seems it might be very easy or
rather complicated to solve:

To get proxy support for the DICT search method we had to support SOCKS
proxies. And this can be done by
a) a wrapper script which maps some network related function calls to
similar ones in libsocks which then use a configured SOCKS proxy for
the actual connection
b) xfce4-dict uses libsocks directly, this means we need to change some
code and need to compile and link against libsocks

Obviously, option a) is the better one as there are no changes in the
code necessary. But I'm not sure whether and how it will work.
So, could you test it?

For reference see
ftp://ftp.kstu-kai.ru/os/unix/socks/how2socksify.html. There is a
script mentioned called "runsocks". This is what you need to get and
then run it with xfce4-dict, without having tested it, I guess it will
be something like:

runsocks xfce4-dict -i

(the -i argument to xfce4-dict means that it will start a single
instance without using a possible loaded panel plugin, please use this
for testing with runsocks, otherwise it probably won't work)


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