Can Xfce plugins work outside of the xfce panel -- or a better way to compiz?

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Thu Mar 27 01:54:27 CET 2008

On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 2:56 PM, Andrew Robinson < at> wrote:

> I am looking to upgrade my xubuntu to hardy from gutsy, but I am
> debating if I want to keep using xfce. I really love the xfce plugins
> and I cannot find comparable ones for KDE or gnome (especially the
> system load monitor, network monitor, disk performance monitor and the
> volume control that all look very nice with their separate progress
> bar approach for each statistic). The main reason I do not like XFCE
> is the lack of integration with compiz and other user candy. I don't
> really care to spend hours on end mucking with Xsession files to try
> to get compiz to run instead of xfwm4 and then dealing with any
> incompatibilities. Both KDE and Gnome have integrated support for
> compiz and that is extremely desirable to me.

Why is it desirable?  What technical functionality do you get out of it
besides that it looks cool.  Nothing at all.   I have never run across
anyone that has told me that Compiz makes them more productive.

> So I can either, (1) switch to the new KDE4 with kubuntu and suffer
> with bad applets compared to xfce, or (2) stick with xfce and deal
> with lack of integrated support with programs like compiz.

Good luck, buggy performance, crappy looking and slow as all get out.  You
can keep it.  I do constantly go back to KDE when a new release is put out
and I think its getting far worse.

> If I did switch to KDE, I do not suppose there is a way to run xfce4
> plugins inside of kicker is there?

I dont know of any.

> Does anyone know of any plans to integrate compiz into xfce without
> manual configuration?

God I hope not.

> Out of curiosity, is Xfce working on any cool new user candy, like
> plasma in kde4?

I honestly dont think Plasma is that cool, its ugly as all get out.  If
Oliver and the GNIOME foundation left the scene and pulled every binary out
of the world, I would use Windows Vista before i would even consider KDE4

> Thanks,
> Andrew
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