xfce4-dict-plugin vs. xfdict

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at uvena.de
Tue Mar 11 18:23:00 CET 2008

Hi all,

I'm planning to extend my xfce4-dict-plugin to _also_ be a stand-alone
application. I.e., there will also be a xfdict binary which 
a) opens the plugin's main window if the plugin is loaded in the panel
b) starts a usual stand-alone application if the panel is not loaded.

So, Xfce also will get a stand-alone dictionary application ;-) and
only a little new code is necessary because the main code is reused
from the already existing panel plugin code.

I still have two questions:
a) should I build and install a shared library for the common code
(main window, networking code, aspell support code)? Or is it
sufficient to build a static library archive(.a) and link it into both
binaries? A shared library would be better of course but it would cause
more administrative work for a maybe small advantage. We are talking
about approx. 1300 lines of source code which would be built into the

b) how should I call the stand-alone app? xfdict, xfdict4, xfce4-dict,
xfce-dict? I'm not really sure how the existing apps were named, some
have the "4" in the name, others not. Some are prefixed with "xf",
others with "xfce4-". So, what's the best for me?


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