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I don't understand what are the problem (you can also give a french
translation, peut-être que je comprendrais mieu ;) )

Why do you use kdm with xfce ?

I think you should use gdm which uses gtk like xfce, it will be lighter and
faster for your xterms.



2008/6/9 kevin <kevin.rowanet at wanadoo.fr>:

> Hello,
> first of all, I am not sure my title is correct, as I do not guess where
> my problem comes from.
> I manage a lan in a primary French school, built up whith old pcs
> configured as X terminals. We use debian etch.
> In each classroom there are several Xterms and 1 "powerful" pc (PIV 2.4
> Ghz) configured as "application server".
>  When booting a pc (Xterm or not), xdmcp displays its chooser list, then
> the user chooses one application server among those which are
> avalaibles, then he logs in.
> We exports home files from another server using nis and nfs.
> We previously used KDE.
> Now I reinstalled all the computers, (xterms and applications serveurs)
> : debian etch, kdm and xfce. Now, only xfce is installed, neither KDE
> nor gnome are installed any more.
> The nfs server stays unchanged, which means the old config files for KDE
> are still unchanged in each /home/<user>.
> The problem is :
> * if a user sits down in front of an xterm, (then choose a server, then
> logs in) its desktop displays icons, the background is the debian
> spiral, and plugging a usb key displays an icon
> * if the same user sits down in front of an application server, then
> choose *this* server, then logs in, then its desktop displays no icons,
> the background is the xfce mouse, and plugging a usb key displays no
> icon. And clicking onto "xfce parameters" displays nothing.
> I tried to destroy all .kde/ and .gnome*: same problem.
> Any idea ? Which logs to look at ?
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