Xfburn Feedback

Chuanwen Wu wcw8410 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 09:27:34 CEST 2008


> Much has changed since then March. I'd appreciate it if you could try
> a newer version like SVN trunk. Given that you use Gentoo, you have
> everything you need to compile anyways.
> If you don't like building by hand, we are about to make an official
> release. I hope the Gentoo maintainers will soon after provide an
> updated official ebuild.
I have tried the svn one: Xfburn 0.40svn-04883.
I have  "make" succeefully.
But every time I started the new version xfburn,  I got a warning
window with the message below:

No drives are currently available!
Maybe there is a mounted media in the drive?
Please unmount and restart the application.

Although I unmount and restart xfburn, nothing changed.
And I still found that the buttons "Burn Image" and "Blank Disc" and
"Copy Data CD" can't be clicked.
It seems that xfburn didn't detect my CD device.


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