Where are the goals of XFCE.

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>> I'm not going to argue what is reasonable, but if you think an 8 year old
>> computer is reasonable now, do you think it still is reasonable to support
>> it in five years? Or in other words: if you thought a then eight-year-old
>> computer was a reasonable target five years ago, do you think a
>> thirteen-year-old computer is a reasonable target today?
> No. By a 'moving' window, I meant that maybe catering to a 5 or 8 year old
> PC from the current time (now or 10 years from now)  might be reasonable. So
> today it would be a PC from 2001 say. In 2012 it might be a PC from 2005.
> That is what I meant.
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I think that 8 years from current is reasonable. XFCE should work on Pentium
Core2 Duos until 2016. Of course this seems easy to do but just look back 8
years at the Athlon. We thought then that new OSes would always run on it
because it was so much faster than a Pentium II.

The only time I think you really need to bump that up substantially is if
there's some piece of hardware you're going to start relying on that will
never be in an old machine. An example of this would be when MMUs came out
or now with the VT extensions. Outside of that if the old machine has enough
clock cycles and memory it should be able to run the new OS.

With this in mind I just think we should keep an eye on how we use our
resources. How much CPU an app uses in order to feel fast and how much
memory it uses in the process equate to efficiency in my book. I'd like to
see XFCE keep an eye on that.


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