Where are the goals of XFCE.

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2008/7/13 Ambrose Li <ambrose.li at gmail.com>:

> 2008/7/13 Benedikt Meurer <benedikt.meurer at unix-ag.uni-siegen.de>:
> > All this "lightweight desktop" stuff is pretty stupid anyways. In case
> > you didn't notice, it's 2008, and you will have a hard time buying a new
> > machine with less than 512MiB of RAM. Performance isn't an issue either
> > with todays CPU processing power. Instead, it'd be nice if people would
> > start to improve the user experience by - for example - reducing the
> > latency of the desktop (i.e. make clever use of XCB instead of Xlib to
> > avoid blocking on round trips to the Xserver) or making the Gnome people
> > actually accept Glib patches to reduce unnecessary overhead in the
> > object and signal handling. Wrt. latency there's also a lot of stuff
> > that could be improved in the kernel.
> I hope I'm not intruding into the discussion, but talking lightweight is
> still not stupid. We have some old computers from where I work (this
> is a non-profit and it's very hard to get new computers even with all
> the talk about replacing the old equipment) that we will no longer
> upgrade because it is already too slow to run the old software, let
> alone the new. Lightweight certainly still is useful and will still be
> useful in the next few years.

I agree. Lightweight is important. The fact that computer hardware evolve in
the first world (USA,europe,Japan,etc.) isnt a reason to start wasting
In my country, the government, schools and universities have always very old
computers mainly with windows 98, ME or XP, and when they magically apply
resources to update, then buy 2 years old hardware because it is cheaper and
runs XP. And i think that they wont use linux if they have to buy ultimate
hardware. That was the nice thing about xfce, that is was "the complete
lightweight desktop" and the best option to move those administrative
computers to linux.
Also in my studies very little students have new hardware. Most still having
MMX and some celerons of less than 500 Mhz. They have no money to buy new
hardware and they have to use windows because all popular distributions
comes with gnome or some with xfce. And those distros for really low-end
machines comes with sucking desktops like icewm.

Also lightweight is better for the energy crisis which all countries are
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