using Terminal in fvwm2!

Stephan Arts stephan at
Wed Dec 24 11:09:27 CET 2008

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 1:00 AM, MK <halfcountplus at> wrote:
> Sorry I'm not a legit Xfce user (but if fvwm2 didn't exist, I would probably
> give in)...Anyway, I love the xfce Terminal.  It works fine under fvwm2, but
> in order for the icon set to load, I need to run the gnome-settings-demon,
> which I ripped out of an rpm and then ldd'd it and stuck in libraries until
> it would work.
> This was actually an accidental discovery, as I was using the
> settings-daemon to play a similar trick with gnome apps.  But now I'm
> setting up a new system and don't have any need to run the
> gnome-settings-daemon except for this thing with the Terminal icons.  So I
> compiled xfce-mcs and xfce-utils (to access xfce-setting-show), and the mcs
> daemon does run but it still doesn't process a .gtkrc or access the Rodent
> icon set.
> Can I get out of this without going back to installing the
> gnome-settings-daemon?  I'm a fledgling at C/gtk+ programming, but
> comfortable enough that I'd be willing to do a (GPL approvable) hack on
> Terminal so that it could just accept an include in .gtkrc, but not unless
> someone else is willing to give me a clue about where to start with that
> task.  Maybe.
> thanks -mk

For the icon-theme to load in gtk+ apps, you need an XSETTINGS daemon.
For xfce < 4.6, this is handled by the xfce-mcs-manager. With xfce
4.6, we have a dedicated XSETTINGS daemon called xfsettingsd. This is
part of xfce4-settings.

My advice: pick the latest beta of xfce 4.6 and compile xfconf + xfce4-settings.

Then you have the minimum components required for XSETTINGS magic.

Or... you could run the mcs-manager ui-settings dialog and pick rodent
there. ^_~


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