ANN: xfburn version 0.4.0 released

squisher at squisher at
Sun Dec 21 05:03:33 CET 2008

Hello everyone,

it is our pleasure to announce a new release of xfburn with audio CD
support. Essentially all audio file formats should be supported courtesy
of the gstreamer library. Additionally there are a number of useful
smaller improvements and bugfixes. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade.

Although there has been some testing through a sparsely announced beta
version (0.3.91), be aware that the audio CD feature is very new and
there could be some problems. If so, please report a bug!

Here is a list of changes (since 0.3.2, check the NEWS file for a more
detailed list):
- Jean-François Wauthy officially retired as maintainer. Thank you for
all the work, p0llux!
- Add symlink as symlink, and not the referenced files to a data composition
- Allow adding hidden files and devices to the composition through the
command line (they are not shown in the file selector)
- Add an entry to Thunar's sendto menu for adding to a data composition
  (thanks Mike Massonnet)
- Add directories to a data composition with the correct timestamp 
  (thanks JR Oldroyd for discovering this)
- Stop button works now
- Check that the size of the burn run actually fits on the inserted disc
- Internal and string improvements
- Use gstreamer to decompress any supported audio files to burn an audio
CD ("gst" transcoder)
- Burn audio CDs from uncompressed CD audio .wav files ("basic" transcoder)
- Allow drags and drop from file managers like Thunar (text/uri-list target)
- Try to unmount a drive if it is not accessible (requires thunar-vfs)
- Build list of drives initially from HAL, then fill in details using
libburn once the burn dialog shows up

This release is dedicated to the beta testers (you know who you are),
and the packagers (since they do a great job in helping with the beta
testing). Thank you all for your help!

Have a good Christmas time,

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