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"Brian J. Tarricone" <bjt23 at> a scris: 
> 3) How does it "not integrate"?  It can be launched just fine via 
> xinitrc or the xdg autostart mechanism, and comes with a nice gtk2 GUI 
> for configuring it.  There's even a compile-time option to add a "New 
> Login" button to the enter-password dialog that runs gdmflexiserver 
> (which I imagine could be changed to run whatever you want).

When using xscreensaver, the dialog that prompts for a password when
unlocking the screen is not using GTK+, I think that's what Auke meant.
I understand the security implications and all, but I can't stand it
either, that's why I prefer gnome-screensaver which is fully GTK+
albeit a bit more insecure.

Actually, I think I secretly hope that a true hacker will show up at my
desk during lunch break and exploit a 0-day vulnerability in the GTK+
library to gain access to my computer and steal my custom dark GTK+
theme, which can be seen when someone accidentally moves the
mouse, even if the screen is locked... :)

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