ANN: xfmpc version 0.0.6 released

mike.massonnet at mike.massonnet at
Sun Apr 20 21:48:19 CEST 2008

Hello Xfce users,

Hereby a new Xfmpc release, 0.0.6.  Below is the head of the NEWS file
since the latest announcement, which makes this one the third announcement.


    0.0.5 (2008-04-05)

- Add Clear Playlist and Refresh Database buttons
- Clean up XfmpcInterface, move GtkWindow code to main.c
- Fix misc bugs

    0.0.6 (2008-04-20)

- New button that displays a context menu
- Possibility to switch repeat and random in the context menu
- Reload the database view on changes (mpc update)
- Fix misc bugs

Download this release:


Project website:

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