ANN: whaawmp 0.2.10 released

Mark Trompell mark at
Tue Apr 15 11:53:06 CEST 2008

we just released whaawmp 0.2.10. It's mainly a bugfix release. Testing
is welcome.
Meet us in #whaawmp on

>From the release notes:
Well, here's an 0.2.10 release, the main reason for this release is
the fix a rather serious bug when passing a URI when whaawmp is
already running.
Changes since 0.2.8 include:
-Close/Quit on Ctrl+W aswell as Ctrl+Q
-New option in selecting the audio device: Auto/Default
-Fix bug when passing a URI and whaawmp is already running (also
affected opening files from nautilus)
-Fix lockups on some computers
-Fix problem with trying to use certain videosinks

Get it from


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