Website/Forum/BugTracking Integration ?

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at
Mon Apr 7 19:19:29 CEST 2008

Erik Harrison wrote:
> I'm one of the trac admins here at my job, we have in excess of a
> 100,000 lines of code spread over 6 projects with components below
> them. Trac is completely sufficient, with the proper (first party)
> plugins installed.
> While Trac may not match our developer needs as well as bugzilla, our
> size certainly isn't a barrier.

Cool, good to know.

> We (my company) have been very happy with Trac, on balance. Trac has
> been shot down in Xfce discussions in the past for various reasons.
> Some of those aren't valid in recent versions, and some are.

I believe the biggest sour taste I got was when trac used to spin on the 
server making httpd eat 100% CPU and slowly consume more and more 
memory.  No one really looked into this too deeply, and it was a couple 
years ago, so I imagine the problem has likely been fixed upstream.

> All that said, I'm not sure Xfce has a tools "problem" that needs to be solved.

Excellent point.  Would we be just making busywork for ourselves by 
moving to a new infrastructure?  Are there problems (from the 
*developers'* point of view) with how are tools are set up?  Personally, 
I don't think so.  The website more or less runs itself (thanks to Nick, 
updating news is easy, and doing translations is pretty simple as well, 
among other things).  Bugzilla seems to work fine for our needs, though 
as we grow, I'd wish for tighter permissions control (bz3.0 should do 
this, when we get around to upgrading).  The wiki seems to be a decent 
success.  I don't use the forum and don't particularly care about it. 
The blog isn't used that much, but it's fine how it is (though it would 
be cool to make the blog software a secondary part of the site, and 
aggregate all the blogs there, as well as outside Xfce blogs, on the 
main page, but that requires work and I don't care that 
much).  Subversion is decent, and git-svn is a great supplement. 
Anything else?


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