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Wed Mar 21 16:34:30 CET 2007

2007/3/21, JoeHill <joehill at>:

>Erik Harrison descended, with this inscribed on tablets:
>> On 3/21/07, thomas larrieu <thomas.larrieu at> wrote:
>> > > Really, you gotta worry more about the driver
>> > I have found no drivers (but not because a lack of searching, i assure
it :/
>> > )
>> > > Do you have the compositor running? Checking the Compositor tab of
>> > > Window Manager Tweaks (under Settings in the menu).
>> > I don't have the compositor running (no tabs in Window
>> > Manager tweaks
>> Looks like the WM wasn't built with compositor support then

ArchWiki :
>Xfce 4.4 comes with a builtin compositor adding the option for fancy window
effects, shadows and >transparency and so on.
My Xfce does come with a builtin compositor...
I forgot to say that I've tried to add "<option name="Xfwm/UseCompositing"
type="int" value="1"/>" to my wmtweaks.xml file, then restart X but nothing
happened then...
Even, it should be lower with my cards, composite should at least appears in
my settings manager...
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